DePlant products

DePlant is a Web3 tools and DeFi services developer for TVM-compatible networks including Venom, Everscale, GOSH & TON blockchains.
Check Java4Ever - our Web 3.0 Framework for developers or join the waiting of our coming Oracle product - TrueQuery Oracle.

TrueQuery: Blockchain Oracle Protocol

TrueQuery Oracle Service is a customizable decentralized Oracle protocol that provides an ability to receive external world data in Venom blockchain contracts. Oracle combines on-chain code and off-chain data to support advanced decentralized applications (dApps) that react to real-world events.

Java4Ever: Enterprise Web3 Building Platform

Java4Ever is a smart-contract development & testing library for Java. It includes auto-generation of Java classes for your contracts, powerful helpers & type conversions. Suitable for all TVM-compatible networks

EVER-SDK Java Community Binding

Supported by Evescale DAO, Java community binding provides Java library for interaction with EverX' EVER-SDK methods.

What we do

We develop complex fully sustainable Web 3.0 services. Contact us if you want to connect to our products, get a commercial support or make a new Web 3.0 project for TVM blockchains.

Smart Contracts

DePlant develops smart-contract systems of any complexity using distributed programming and newest tools.


Team members are winners & runners-up of multiple Everscale hackathons for best architectural designs & tokenomics systems.

Dev Tools

We developed a full-stack of tools for our own projects and can help you with entering Web 3.0 world.


Our goal is to make clear and friendly UX for all our customers & partners.


You can request 24/7 commercial support for our products. Free support is available too through Github issues and in Telegram.


Contact us if you want to be an early investor of our ecosystem or Oracle products.

Get in touch

If you want to become our partner or a customer, please, use our Social links to contact us. Also, if you didn't find needed info in our docs & readmes or in need of support - we'll be glad to help.